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Things to Know When Building Your Own Home

Many people moving into smaller communities, like Esterhazy, Saskatchewan, choose to build their own home. Building a home to your specifications is fun but also a huge undertaking. Brylee Developments builds custom homes in Esterhazy and surrounding area and can offer some great information on things you need to know. Remember, this is your home and they are there to guide you. There are many decisions to be made and the home builder is able to offer suggestions but this is your dream home so take an active role in the decision making.

Know Your Budget

Talk to someone about the lots that are available for real estate and understand the cost of the lot and the cost of building. Make sure that the home you are planning is within your budget and that there will not be any fees of which you are not aware. Professionals, like those at Brylee Developments, will be able to give you an accurate estimate of construction costs so that you can look at your budget to determine you can build the house you want. Once you are armed with the information you need it is time to go to the bank to discuss construction lending. It works a little different from a regular mortgage so make sure you talk to someone in financing who is familiar with lending terms in order to pay subcontractors and suppliers. After the construction of the house, you will get a residential mortgage to pay off the construction line.

Know Your Builder

Not all home builders are created equal. Make sure you do your research and know the reputation of builders in the area. Do some searching online and make sure to get recommendations from people in the area who have also built homes. Visit the builder’s website to see what kind of feedback they have received. Some builders offer promotions as well so make sure you know what is available for discounts on your project. Right now, Brylee Developments is offering a Spring Promotion to help save you money!

Know the Resale Value

You may or may not be building your forever home and you need to keep that in mind when you are planning your house. Keep resale value in mind so that if, for any reason, you have to move, your home will not be overpriced if you need to sell it. Keep in mind features that would appeal to others who may later purchase the home.

Know how to Create a Green Living Space

Try to maximize energy-efficiency in the design of a new home. This is a great option for holding resale value and will save you money as well. South-facing windows will allow for sunshine to heat your home to some degree. If your bathrooms, laundry, or garage are south-facing, keep the windows small to minimize heat loss. Take time to research insulation and HVAC systems and energy-efficient appliances. You may also consider WaterSense faucets and toilets.

Know Your Expectations for Completion

As a final phase in the building of a new home, you need to create a list near the end of construction of what needs to be completed or repaired. Go on a walk through and take some notes so you can identify flaws that you may want taken care of. Not all problems are major so know what a reasonable flaw might be and what you consider unreasonable. If there is a flaw that affects the quality of the home you will want to have it repaired. Before closing on the home, do a final walk through to ensure your list of requirements has been fulfilled.